Ohh Childhood Where have you gone?

Ohh Childhood where have you gone?
I so much want the glimpse of you.
I am unable to acclimate to these levels of life you have forced me to.
Upgraded is better they say,
but not at the cost of my childhood, I say.
Nothing amps me up more than your memories do.
For once talk to me
Tell me where did I go wrong
What did I do to not deserve you?

I always dumped a glass full of milk in the backyard, did that annoy you?
or Are you ashamed of me stealing coins from my own piggy bank?
Ohh no wait, probably you are displeased of me running naked feet on streets
or maybe you are done with my fights over video games.
Me choosing hide & seek over homework? No?
9A.M favorite cartoon over school Bus?
Whatever it is,
Please let it go.

I am getting tired and I need someone to cheer me up.
I can’t think of anyone but you.
Come back to me, I need you.
Ohh childhood where have you gone?
I so much want the glimpse of you.

[I wrote this a few days back but I felt something missing, I mean it sounds incomplete. So, I didn’t post it. But, when I read it today I felt we cannot always fill the missing space, sometimes We just need to happily accept that missing space (Maturity over Innocence- No wonder I miss childhood).]
So here it is, my incomplete but complete piece of feeling(present) for my BACHPAN.


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