Having a Sibling is a Blessing

Raksha Bandhan- Festival that celebrates the bond of amaranthine love between a brother and a sister. Festival in which sisters trade a thread of luck and wish with her brother for the promise to be protected from all the disasters life has yet to gift her.


As the name says-

In exchange of thread, promise it braids.

Promise to nurture the bond of love and care,

Promise to stonewall all tears and fear.

Long discussions on gifts,

Squabble on the envelope of money he lifts.

Childlike fights still alive,

never-ending memories to revive.

This one relation that grows stronger but never grows old,

Euphoria or misery, each other’s hand they hold.

Having a sibling is a blessing, a relation so wise.

Blessed we are, this festival makes us realize.

Festivals have so much to gift us.

Happy faces around, laughter that surrounds.

Family get-togethers, melancholy of annoyed hearts that wither.

Unveiled stories, gossips, and memories.

Luscious meal, moments to seal, a day gives us so much to steal.

This day, this festival is special to me because my brother is special to me.

He stands by me in times I don’t expect him to.

He supports my decisions even when no one does.

He lashes out at me for keeping secrets from him. (Not that he doesn’t value my privacy 😉 )

He loves me unconditionally though he never says that. (Actions speak louder than the words. ;p)

Above all of it, despite numerous flaws in me, He never asks for a change in me.

And I love him for that and for all other reasons he gives me to feel loved.

Not that we need a festival to celebrate this bond but we need a festival to feel the beauty of this bond.



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