More than Love, Religious Beliefs have made people blind. NO?

In our Religion, people have this room for God at home where you will find frames or idols of almost every God and they worship there every morning after bathing and usually before having anything to eat. I am not carping about it (though I do not get the conditions set to worship like- after bathing, before eating, wearing washed clothes and so on), my point here is when you believe you have ensconced Gods at your home, what is the point of running to temples to worship? Like, I see some people going to temples even in unfavorable situations. Why? Why put yourself in so much of trouble? What’s the difference between the God that lives in the temple and the one you have settled at your home? Okay, sculpture at temples might be better, I agree. But apart from that, tell me what am I missing here?

Also, the most followed ritual that’s been trending for decades now- abstaining oneself from food, people call it ‘FAST’.
One thing that leads an argument between Me and My MOM is this. I do not even have a count of days she keeps fast in a year. Sometimes for the long life of husband “KARWA CHAUTH”(One of the most celebrated ones), sometimes for the well being of children and then comes NAVARATRI, JANAMASTHMI, HOLI and what not. What I feel bad about is, I fail to convince her to give up on this no matter how hard I try. And not just my Mom, almost every woman in our religion follows this trend.

An abstinence of food in the name of the God with an expectation that he will grant your wishes. Seriously?
Did you have face-to-face with GOD?
Did he tell you that?
NO, Right?
Then from where the hell is this coming? I am just curious.

I mean you obviously do have something concrete to believe anything as such. No?

Ohh I missed one amazing thing, days in a week come with a copyright of different Gods. Like, if you got to impress Lord SURYA, go for Sunday because that’s his day, Monday= Lord SHIVA, Tuesday= Lord HANUMAN, Wednesday= GANESHA and the list goes on.
See only keeping fast isn’t enough, you also have to be particular about the day which here depends on whom among these Lords you want to crack your deal with because no matter what’s going on in this world; there comes an earthquake or a tsunami, GOD is watching you and your efforts to keep yourself from food which is supposedly meant to please him.
Can anyone please explain me the logic behind this?
What I can see is; More than Love, Religious beliefs have made people blind.

Maybe, this will annoy a number of people but I can’t help my thoughts. If you are wondering I am an Atheist, I am not. (Well my MOM says I behave like one).
I am just too practical to let mere assumptions and beliefs rule my way of expressing my devotion towards the supreme power that I believe exists above us.

(I am not against Religion and Rituals that follows, I am just upset about the mentality that exists behind these, annoyed by the blind faith that follows. Worship, Fast or do whatever that gives you hope but without conditions, without feeling obligated, without the terms How, When and Where)

PRAY, BELIEVE, HOPE, just do not let mere beliefs set the path for you.

Make it for yourself, the one you would love walking on.


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  1. Wonderful post~
    It is true religious beliefs make one blind because religion is based on blind belief. One is said to believe rather than question or inquire the truth…

    Also human fear is one of most used tool in the religion to make people believe in religion…


      1. Yeah so true~
        The religions have destroyed human’s integrity…
        They have broken human – not only in parts but into opposing parts, and these parts are continuously fighting with each other. In this way they have made humanity schizophrenic; they have given everybody a split personality. It has been done in a very clever and cunning way by condemning your body, your sex – by turning you against your own nature…

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        1. Well said, no doubt I agree with all of it.
          Also the problem is families pass this onto the next generation, their beliefs and practices are supposed to be ours and dare we go against it, we are disrespecting them and their religion.
          This is the reason there are more influencers than opposers to this. People are forced to follow even if they do not want to and once they get into this trap they believe they have to stand by it. So, they become the influencer here and their own beliefs dies somewhere.
          God help Humans and Humanity because You and I cannot. 😀

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          1. Yup it happens, people keep on passing without knowing the truth…

            In you post you said that people may think you are an atheist… i would like to say it doesn’t seems that you are an atheist… the simple reason is atheist not much more different than theist, their directions are opposite but both are just blind… Atheist start believing in no-God, but that no-God is also a belief… Just you can say if theist is positive belief than atheist is negative belief nothing more… but apart from these two kind of human… there exist few those who are totally open to the existence, they are always ready to accept truth in life as it is without any projections… they are ready to accept with open heart… ❤❤


      1. I think rituals are not accidental and the fact that they have existed for centuries is direct evidence. I think it is worthwhile to think why it goes on.


        1. Some rituals are beautiful and they must have some meaning as they have existed for centuries, I agree. But the mentality that exists behind these rituals cannot always be justified with valid proof, people just believe it because it has been believed for centuries and this mentality drives people to do anything in the name of religion and it’s rituals.
          Religion and rituals aren’t the problem here and I respect them. If you people read my post minutely you will see I am just annoyed by the Mentality that exists behind all this.

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  2. Well this would be a long comment and not meant only for atheist..

    “Whatever exists in world lies here and what is not here doesn’t exist in the world”- Mahabharata..
    It is quiet ovibous for young generation to raise questions but it’s annoying when someone says- “religions have destroyed human integrity and made humanity schizophrenic”.
    Firstly, you must know the difference between religion and rituals and than you won’t condemn any religion.
    Religion on it’s own is based on general natural laws blended on its own various ways …it brings discipline , respect and peace to your existence .. it’s d base of ur character.

    Let me share my little knowledge on the path of sprituality I hope I would be able to answer a few of issues ..
    In Hinduism we do “Namaskar and bow down to all living creature ” as it teaches us that every element has been bluit by the God and we embrace his very presence
    -you can learn about narshima avatar n story abt this for more calarity.
    So there is no difference between a stone or a painting on ur wall or a sclupture in Temple ..God exists everywhere ..
    Secondly, there is a tale behind all fast that are being practiced .. and no1 ask you to observe fast in extreme conditions.. even science has proven benefits of it like lowering cholesterol .. good metabolism.. increased mental focus .. burning fat for healthy body etc etc ..
    In Islam they fast for a month in ramzan .. in navratra Hindu fast for 9 days and in Jain n cristanity they have similar views … So apart from religious view scientifically it’s good ..

    Coming to days why we worship different gods …
    As in there is no hard and fast rule to worship ..u can rejoice and pray any point u like …
    Apart from this
    Ganesha was born on Wednesday
    Lord Hanuman freed Lord sani from ravana ..after this sabi blessed him saying ..” there will be no harm to ur devotees on sanivar” ..
    So there are specific reason for observing them on a given day ..and same is there for rest..

    Third, its only arrogance and ignorance of ppl who don’t answer these questions .. to upcoming generation and ask them to follow rituals without owing an explanation ..

    Ya together with this I don’t support superstitious and blind faiths … Devotion is subjective and varies person to person .

    Thanks .. thats all of my little knowledge


    1. I don’t know where this is going. I didn’t mean to start war of words on religion and rituals through my post as I respect them. I was just complaining about the mentality people carry in the name of religion and rituals.
      About ‘Religion destroying human Integrity’, I agreed with chouhan on this but not as you depicted.
      Yes, I agree it could have been framed better- humans destroying their own integrity in the name of religion.

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      1. Yes, no issue Payal, overall meaning is same.. the actual meaning of religion is to unite rather than disintegrate humans… whereas what happening is totally opposite…if you look in past you will find human has disintegrated much more in the name of so called religions… i mean the well organized religions…

        The essence of your post about human limited mentality, useless blind beliefs, there is nothing to fight and do word porn on this post… It is just wonderful, you didn’t said anything bad to religions or rituals…

        Just keep writing… always wish you Happy Journey ahead~

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  3. Ever remember the memory being a kid and our wish of a toy or chocolate is not fulfilled by parents .. because of their they have more power we are left with little bargain .

    So what we do?
    “Absenteeism from food” right? … We cry and not have food till our wish is fulfilled ..
    Here in fasting there is same co-relation .. we observe absenteeism from food and ask almighty to look at us and fulfil our desire ..

    So ur point that he is watching you keeping away from food ? Is not relevant .. because it’s our wish to seek his attention ..
    It’s d other way round .. it’s our seeking. Not almighty obligation on us to keep fast 😊

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    1. This very Example of yours shows that perception matters.
      If I see this example other way around to justify my point. what I see is you missed a point here.
      As a kid, we cried and abstained ourselves from food just to get our wish fulfilled but you conveniently dropped a learning we got from this act of ours. Our parents always told us this is the wrong way to seek attention or get your wish fulfilled.

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      1. Exactly … U have ur answers. .I tried to potray this in a fancy manner that ppl are acting as kids. . observing fast to get wish fulfilled they dont really want to know the exact reasons behind it..

        So when u go through ur holy books u get all the answers ..
        And it’s their childish mentality and superstition to observe fast in extreme conditions ..
        However if ur in sound health and a good devotee their is no wrong in it ..


  4. Are you familiar with existentialism? For my reply here, I think Camus says it better in his absurd reasoning essay. Still, it could be a source of comfort, a soporific, but as such could more easily to domination.

    Thank you for following my Blog!

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  5. Loved your post and agree with you. Yes, follow your religion but be more compassionate with yourself. Fasting is extreme. I fast when my body tells me too. Praying for me is better at home, my space, my energy and at my time or when God or the Divine calls me. Bless you for speaking out.

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  6. This post brought a big smile on me.. 🙃🙃.
    I so resonate with your thoughts, and may be it’s not about Gods and rituals! May be it is all about how, we the religiously prejudiced ones, don’t want to be reasonable enough to empower our own belief system.. !!
    Nice post..!! 😉😊

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  7. I found this a very interesting post. As a Christian, I come from a different religious perspective. For me, there is only one God. Churches and temples may honor Him, but God is everywhere.

    Christians teach that God loves us, and wants a personal relationship w/ each of us. Those who “bargain” w/ God interact w/ Him on a very superficial level.

    We all, of course, hope for blessings. Even the best of us, however, will suffer in this life. That is not because God is cruel, but because this is a sinful and broken world. The Bible tells the story of a righteous man, Job, who loses everything except his faith in God. Ultimately, God rewards Job’s faith. Though not all of us are rewarded in this life, the just will be rewarded in heaven, and the unjust condemned to eternal punishment. ❤

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  8. the “rules” set down be religious texts were all created by people who “heard God.” People hear God all the time.
    We should live by the individual paths God set for us and not try to abide by someone else’s message.

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