World of my smile

( A little about me)

My world- Deeper than you think, try to dive in and you will drown.
So hold my hand, I will take you there.
I make no promises but beautiful it is.                                                                                                      Facile and placid than the world you live in.
Not that you can explore it all in this picayune piece but be my guest
and for now, let’s nest where my smile rests.


I smile when clouds breakdown,
this only time on someone’s meltdown.
As rain splashes on trees and droplets that rest on leaves,
I cannot resist but dilate the curve my lips weave.
Deep in the memories, I dive; paper boats and colorful raincoats, memories I revive.

I smile when I see rainbow flaunting up high,
heavenly view of those magical colors in the sky,
no wonder sad are goodbyes.

I smile when little lightning bugs catch my sight,
my Knight in the dark night.
To witness a garden full of fireflies, a dream that never dies.

I smile when I see parrots wandering around.
Weird it may feel but this kind of weirdness I wanna seal.
This smile I flare is because of the rage as I have mostly seen them caged.

I smile when Dad shares his childhood stories.
Fight over kites, naked feet on streets, run to Ganga, pocket money in paisa.

I smile when mom interrupts brother and me with her background commentary.
Teaming up with bro to annoy her and waiting for her taunt our way,
she is a sweetheart, I must say.

I smile when people call me up
not for favors, not for gossips
Just to tell me, they miss me.

In the world of my smile, not to forget my favorite love affair
the one with the ‘royal poinciana tree’.
My orange love, I say to it.
The only bewitching thing in this scorching heat.

The world you live in gives me no reason to smile.
So, I have built a little one of mine.



27 thoughts on “World of my smile

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    1. Like you have created yours, your world where you are stuck in your irrational thoughts. (Read your latest post)
      I loved the way you have expressed yourself and yeah, never give up on yourself. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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