Fall in Love all over again

I read somewhere  “Any place you travel becomes a part of you somehow” and it actually does.
Every time I travel, I bag something in with me; Be it a change, a learning, a regret, an experience or a memory.
And in my recent trip to Dalhousie(Himachal Pradesh), I bagged a heart full of positive vibes with me, an experience I cherish.
It is a beautiful place I must say. (comes from a person who is crazy about hill stations and finds all of them appealing) ;p

I  see the mountains smile when the sun rises in the east,
smile like the one I get, when love kisses me on the forehead.

It blushes with shades orange and red, 

the beauty that generates allures me to wait until it fades.

That gentle touch of the breeze makes me skip my beat,
touch so pure I haven’t felt in a long time makes me whisper, I want more of it.

The warmth of the waves  kisses my feet and washes away all my pain,
Pain that’s been ripping my heart apart leaves a note that says-
” live your life until you die, breathe to be happy before you bid goodbye”

The morning dew, the blissful peace, the clouds that surround plants a desire in me.
A desire to own a place here, I can say is mine.
Away from the city crowd, aloof I want to live this moment for a little while.

Finally, I find peace when I lay on the bed of grass,  gazing the stars,
stars that shine brightly on my hope,

hope to see the sun rise again

and fall in love all over again.

(Nature makes me realize that love has no limits)





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