MOM- My One True Love

On this women’s day, I dedicate these few lines to the strongest woman I know.
My MOM ❤ ❤

Mom is such a beautiful word,
It expresses the ‘Beauty of love’ that no money can afford.

Little life thrives within her,
Lordship that no one can steal from her.

As my feet jumbles, Her gut tumbles
She can feel the pain, Yet never complains.

Wrapped in a blood, a new life steps out,
Blood is just the beginning, there are more sacrifices enroute.

Nights go sleepless, her body changes different shapes
Still, she wears a smile so fluorescent that can defeat any harm’s wave.

My heebie-jeebies evanesces in the wind,
because she stands as a wonder woman, strong within.

She is my alarm clock,
She is my chef,
She is my teacher,
She is my strength.
How can a person play so many roles, that too without any loophole?

Her capabilities cannot be questioned,
All that she does is a lot to be mentioned.

My happiness is her price she says,
In this world, full of shit,
Mother’s love is the only selfless fete.

She is my first and forever love,
love that lightens up my entire globe.


And Happy Women’s Day to all the Woman out there. 🙂


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