DEMONS, Myth or Fact?

Do demons exist?
Most of us are fond of hearing horror stories, especially when the narrator claims those stories to be real. But not all of us believe them to be true.
For me, demons were just a myth until I experienced an impenetrable incident one night. An incident that left me vulnerable to my thoughts and beliefs.

This incident dates back to 2015.
I had a long tiring day. I just wanted to get a good night sleep but it was like expecting a miracle. Because at that phase of my life, I was kind of insomniac. I used to force myself to sleep and rarely I did succeed.

But that day miracle happened, I fell asleep within seconds after I went to bed.
Never did I think, that miracle would leave me with a lifetime of experience.

Just a few minutes of catnap and I was awake, awake but not entirely as the word suggests. I was conscious but helpless. I was in my senses but my senses weren’t in my control. I was unable to move. I tried to waggle my body, but I couldn’t. I felt as if someone was trying to take over my body, I felt that the evil was taking over my soul and I was losing control of my body. I wanted to see what’s actually happening but I couldn’t open my eyes, I wanted to reach out my phone to call someone for help but I couldn’t even lift a finger, I wanted to scream but obviously my lips failed me too. I thought that those were the last few moments of my life and I was about to Rest in Peace. 😀

Though I find it funny now, I didn’t feel the same at that moment. It was fucking terrifying, it scared the shit out of me. This episode did last for a minute or so but was enough to raise doubts about my belief. I no longer believed that demons are a myth. Even after that, I experienced similar encounters twice.

I lived with the fear that an evil soul has been following me and intends to take over my body until in 2017, I discovered that the terrifying experience I have had wasn’t any demon fan doing that to me, rather those episodes were the symptoms of SLEEP PARALYSIS. 😐 😐
God, Is this for real???
Yes child, it is. 😀 😀

Demons I thought chased me
But the facts amazed me.

I sighed a breath of relief
as now I had no fear to retrieve.

But I had all the right to be furious
as two years of my life were spurious.

I lived with chronic worry and deadly fear
Little did I know, demons in my head laid it there.

Why didn’t I dig deep into facts?
Why did I keep my Fear intact?

Bunch of questions was all I had
But I chose to neglect them and stay glad.


31 thoughts on “DEMONS, Myth or Fact?

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      1. My parents have.. And I have validated their story too…
        Not paranormal but I have experienced a devil inside me. It tried to turn me into something bad. It was so strong that even my face and its expressions started turning evil. But fortunately, I was saved.

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  1. There are demons. You need a body and soul cleansing. Some are create by us and some are true evil things. I have met a few and got rid of my demons too. Meditation is the best release. Dig deep and toss out. You must believe in something too.

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      1. You would be surprise. Meditation clean-up the mind and make the body, heart and mind stronger. Real life demons need to be released and the demons we carry must be disposed of. Need holy ground and faith. Can be done. Look up Native American healing. Many ways to be healed. Sometime we need help.

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  2. Ah, sleep paralysis. I have heard it’s scary as hell. You know what’s happening and yet we fail to do anything. I hope that you never face that ever again.

    Coming to your question, do demons exist?
    Yes, in my opinion, they do. It’s the people with the devlish intentions are the devils as we know it.

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  3. Sleep paralysis. It occur with me too. I guess 5-6 times this happened.
    I don’t know about demons but I do believe at times our mind makes up chaos which cause our mental state to think like this.
    Coming to your writing… it was amazingly depicted.

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