Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Quite often, I used to see bruises on my maid’s hand and that started bothering me. So, one day, I initiated a conversation with her just to ask her about those bruises. At first, She tried to ignore but then she burst into tears and cried her feelings out about the abusive relationship she had been tolerating for years. Had it not been her bruises, I would have never known that the person around me has been suffering so much. And yes, those bruises were just a bit of what she was going through.

It was her strength that she agonized all of that, yet managed to come to work every day with a smile on her face. But that strength needed to be powered in the right direction. All I did was motivate her; motivate her to fight back and take stand for herself, motivate her to let the men out there know that women aren’t a puppet and all she did was show a little courage.

Now, she is divorced and happy. Though things got bothersome and arduous, all it took was the courage to do the right thing.

This incident made me realize that we have built this comfort boundary around us and we neglect to see the life beyond this boundary.
I came across this one woman but there are so many other women going through the same or even worse. Even this thought gives me goosebumps.
I know we cannot help everyone out there but we can at least try to right the wrong that’s been going around us. We just need to step out of our comfort boundary.
“Do not walk extra miles if you cannot, just walk a little and play the part you can.”

I have tried to pen down her feelings in the words below.

Lost in her thoughts, she flinched when a guy touched her
When she turned to look around, it was her friend whom she searched for.

Fear within her has occupied her so bad,
Even in known, she feels unknown which is sad.

Trust is a feeling she has never known,
Because fraud in the world has exponentially grown.

She wonders what bad would be hell than this,
because it is doing no good being all his.

He rules her life, no one to object who gave him the right?
Is she to be blamed as she didn’t stand to fight?

Tortured, humiliated, cajoled and cheated
She has lost her senses and feels defeated.

Caged in a prison is how she lives,
Cruel is a man no one believes.

She wants to be loved and set free,
what’s in it so difficult to agree?

She feels like running and hiding behind,
But is the world outside the cage so kind?

She has the right to decide for her life,
you can’tΒ control her, just because she is your wife.





24 thoughts on “Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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  1. A wonderful verse accompanied with real illustrations and i’ve seen such incidents especially with women in poor situations earning for thier families and getting abused by men however legal actions are there now to help them to letting them living with all liberties.This is first time i came across such content that worth appreciation.
    Keep writing!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ“

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  2. excellent issues altogether, you just gained a brand new reader.
    What may you recommend about your post that you just
    made some days in the past? Any positive?


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