Sometimes it’s Better to Let Go – your pain, your emotions.

Sexual Harassment, Rape, Molestation, all this have become a daily affair. And to be frank " the Optimist Me" can see NO solution to it. Obviously, it is the heartbreaking thing to live by. But what breaks my heart the most is- the cases of Child Abuse. Those little lives who do not even know... Continue Reading →


Ohh Childhood Where have you gone?

Ohh Childhood where have you gone? I so much want the glimpse of you. I am unable to acclimate to these levels of life you have forced me to. Upgraded is better they say, but not at the cost of my childhood, I say. Nothing amps me up more than your memories do. For once... Continue Reading →

Having a Sibling is a Blessing

Raksha Bandhan- Festival that celebrates the bond of amaranthine love between a brother and a sister. Festival in which sisters trade a thread of luck and wish with her brother for the promise to be protected from all the disasters life has yet to gift her. RAKSHA BANDHAN As the name says- In exchange of... Continue Reading →

World of my smile

( A little about me) My world- Deeper than you think, try to dive in and you will drown. So hold my hand, I will take you there. I make no promises but beautiful it is.                                       ... Continue Reading →

Fall in Love all over again

I read somewhere  "Any place you travel becomes a part of you somehow" and it actually does. Every time I travel, I bag something in with me; Be it a change, a learning, a regret, an experience or a memory. And in my recent trip to Dalhousie(Himachal Pradesh), I bagged a heart full of positive... Continue Reading →

MOM- My One True Love

On this women's day, I dedicate these few lines to the strongest woman I know. My MOM ❤ ❤ Mom is such a beautiful word, It expresses the 'Beauty of love' that no money can afford. Little life thrives within her, Lordship that no one can steal from her. As my feet jumbles, Her gut... Continue Reading →

DEMONS, Myth or Fact?

Do demons exist? Most of us are fond of hearing horror stories, especially when the narrator claims those stories to be real. But not all of us believe them to be true. For me, demons were just a myth until I experienced an impenetrable incident one night. An incident that left me vulnerable to my... Continue Reading →

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Quite often, I used to see bruises on my maid's hand and that started bothering me. So, one day, I initiated a conversation with her just to ask her about those bruises. At first, She tried to ignore but then she burst into tears and cried her feelings out about the abusive relationship she had... Continue Reading →

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